Combat Wombat are a political hip-hop crew based in Melbourne, Australia. Armed only with samplers, mics and turntables, powered by solar energy and an uncompromising belief in Truth over Spin, Combat Wombat’s music delves into issues of national identity, indigenous rights, the government’s treatment of refugees and alternative energy, bringing reports from the front line of resistance.

Blasting raw political fire in these unsettling times, MC Elf Tranzporter, MC Izzy Brown, producer Monkey Marc and DJ Wasabi will take you on an unforgettable ride of truth and rights, mixed with dub-heavy bass and boom bap style hip hop beats.

Combat Wombat are renowned for their contribution to Australian live music scene over the past 15 years, and their grassroots activism on issues such as indigenous rights, refugee rights, homelessness and environmental protection.

Combat Wombat have toured extensively through Europe, performed in refugee camps in Palestine, and toured with Palestinian hop hop artists in Israel. They have also performed at festivals and events around Australia, and supported bands such as Public Enemy, M1 from Dead Prez and Akil from Jurassic 5.


Combat Wombat’s debut album, Labrats Solar Powered Sound System (2001), was recorded entirely on solar power, mostly on the banks of Lake Eyre in the South Australian desert while blockading Roxby Downs uranium mine.

Labrats was followed by their sophomore release on Elefant Traks, Unsound $ystem (2005). Unsound $ystem features a number of guests artists such as The Herd’s Ozi Batla and TZU’s Seed MC. It also features MCG and SMS, two Afghan refugees who had escaped from Woomera detention centre.

Combat Wombat’s long-awaited third album, Just Across The Border (2017), has been ten years in the making.



Combat Wombat have spearheaded political, environmental and indigenous causes with their music, sound systems, protests and political events. Combat Wombat’s music is charged with a sense of urgency and rawness from their frontline activism and community engagement in issues including:

• working with traditional indigenous owners to oppose uranium mining on Aboriginal land
•Support the Free West Papua movement, running sound systems for Reclaim the Streets parties, forest blockades and events across the country
• demonstrating how to set up solar and wind-powered systems
• running youth workshops in desert communities in Central Australia
• assisting with the setup of the Warumpi studio in Papunya, Central Australia.

.Support the Free West Papua movement

Combat Wombat have protested at the S11 and G20 protests at frontline of the anti-globalisation movement of the early 2000s; at the Maribyrnong detention centre in Melbourne and the Woomera detention centre in the desert; performed on the steps of Parliament in solidarity with Pussy Riot, Sound Central in Afghanistan and in front of riot police at the Hazelwood coal-fired power plant.

-Support the Free West Papua movement

Band Members

MC Izzy

‘’My motivation is my love of music and belief in social and environmental justice. Music can be used as a tool for change and education to break down walls, create common ground and unite common struggles.’’ - Izzy Brown

MC Izzy Brown is one of the lead singers of Combat Wombat, in addition to being an activist, filmmaker and founder of the United Struggle Project.

As the founder of the United Struggle Project, Izzy has travelled with her son Bassi through Palestine, Afghanistan, Cambodia, outback Australia, Africa and Europe, collaborating with musicians living in slums, prisons and refugee camps.

She has also been involved in a plethora of environmental and social justice campaigns, including the Lizard’s Revenge and Lizard Bites Back uranium mine protests in the Australian desert, and the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua, a land and sea convoy travelling over 5000km to highlight human rights abuses in West Papua.


Monkey Marc

“Monkey Marc is a producer’s producer; staunchly independent and probably Australian electronic music’s best-kept secret. His music channels the spirit of punk, original dubstep, Public Enemy, modern beats and electronic culture, and the heaviest of Jamaican riddims all at once.” — VICE

Monkey Marc is the producer for Combat Wombat, creating music in his solar-powered recording studio in a converted shipping container in Melbourne, Australia. His sonically rugged, politically charged production is influenced by dub and reggae, an eclectic mix of world music and boom bap style hip hop beats.

Monkey Marc also runs the solar-powered DIY Hi Fi Sound System.

Elf Tranzporter

As a founding member of Australia’s legendary early underground hip hop act, MetaBass’n’Breath, Marlon Porter (aka Elf Tranzporter), is renowned for his unique flavour of ‘heart-core’ lyricism, home-made instrumentation and cypher-honed beatbox and freestyle flows to audiences throughout Australia and abroad.

In addition to Combat Wombat, Elf Tranzporter is an offshore member of the group, Heavyweight Dub Champion (San Francisco). He appears on their last LP, Rise of the Champion Nation, alongside KRS ONE, Dr. Israel and Wu-Tang Clan’s Killah Priest.



DJ Wasabi

DJ Wasabi has been performing with the Wombats since the age of 16. He is a renowned freestyler, jamming over Monkey Marc’s beats and battling Elf Tranzporter on the vocal scratch. Sampling protests, politicians and even AK-47s, his turntable skills have given colour, dynamic and hip hop flavour to Combat Wombat for over a decade.

DJ Wasabi started performing professionally at the fresh age of 13. Becoming deeply immersed in the science of sound, he started writing breaks and house, which progressed to a deeper DnB, breakcore and industrial style. Taken by turntable trickery and a vinyl addiction since his teenage years, he won Best Turntablist in the 2011 OzHipHop Awards (AUS).